Theraplay® Publications

The following practical resources and publications will support your practice and can be purchased from The Theraplay® Institute or from CairnsMoir Connections.


Theraplay® The Practitioner’s Guide

This definitive guide to Theraplay® for practitioners is officially endorsed by The Theraplay Institute and co-written by one of Theraplay® UK’s directors.  It outlines the theory, reflection and skill development of the practitioner – the true power house of Theraplay®.  By maintaining a focus on practice throughout, embedding theory into practice examples, it brings the spirit of Theraplay® to life.

Part 1 covers the key principles of the intervention; Part 2 addresses Theraplay in Practice: how to use the Marschak Interaction Method (MIM) how to set up a room and choose activities and considerations for working with different client groups; Part 3 encourages the reader to engage in their own developmental and the stages involved; and Part 4 and 5 provide a wealth of useful resources, checklists, handouts, sample sessions and an up-to-date list of Theraplay activities.

Whether you are a Theraplay® Practitioner, or simply want to find out how this remarkable intervention works, this book is essential reading.



Parenting With Theraplay®: Understanding Attachment and How to Nurture a Closer Relationship with Your Child

By providing an overview of Theraplay® and the psychological principles that it is based on, parents and carers will gain an understanding of the basic theory of the model along with practical ideas for applying Theraplay® to everyday family life. Through everyday case studies and easy language, parents will gain confidence and learn new skills for emotional bonding, empathy, and acceptance in the relationship with their child.



Theraplay® Activities Flip Book

Detailed instructions for over 80 Theraplay® activities, colour coded by the four Theraplay® dimensions (Structure, Engagement, Nurture, Challenge).  Great for planning treatment sessions and for parents.




Theraplay® Group Activities Flip Book

Instructions for 85 Theraplay® group games to quickly and easily guide you through planning group sessions. 





Parenting the Theraplay® Way: 214 Engaging, Fun Activities to Create Joyful Connectedness

Learn how to incorporate playful interaction into your daily life and become physically and emotionally closer to your children. Includes games to be played one-on-one and as a family, as well as games you can play while waiting, in the car, while you are away, or saying “goodbye”.


Sunshine Circles®: Nurture Your Classroom With Play

The Second Edition of the Sunshine Circles® Manual is now available!
​With more activities, songs and helpful tools for classroom groups, this manual will help you create a fun, productive and safe environment to enjoy your Sunshine Circles®!

Learn how to introduce this amazing social-emotional development group to your school.  Sunshine Circles® are teacher-directed and structured, but rather than talking, the teacher leads playful, cooperative and nurturing activities.  Sunshine Circles® are 99% interactive and create an atmosphere of fun, caring, acceptance and encouragement that leads to better social, emotional and even cognitive development.


entrances and exits book cover


Theraplay® Entrances and Exits Activity Book 

Start every session with your best foot forward!  This new book contains over 50 fun ways to get clients into the room and ready to engage.  The book contains easy to follow instructions with whimsical illustrations as a reference.