About us

For many years we believed that the needs of Theraplay in the UK would be best served by a UK based organisation that could be sensitive to the unique ways in which Theraplay is being used for our children and families.  Theraplay UK was set up in July 2020 with Viv Norris and Fiona Peacock taking on the role of directors. However, you will guess from the date that setting up an organisation at the start of global pandemic has been less than straightforward.

We remain a very small organisation with one employee, a part time administrator.  Viv and Fiona undertake the directors role in addition to their usual working lives.  The development of the organisation is supported by a steering group that meets in full four times a year with specific working groups meeting more regularly.

Our fundamental aim is that Theraplay UK will be an organisation that serves the needs of children and families through the provision of high quality Theraplay training to suitable professionals working with those families.

Currently Theraplay UK is in working in tandem with The Theraplay Institute (TTI) in the US while we grow and develop as an organisation.  Theraplay UK is responsible for booking all Theraplay trainings in the UK as well as managing the Supervisors in training and trainers in training programme.  We also match UK Theraplay practicum students with UK based supervisors even though practicum students still register with TTI.

As an organisation we are committed to transparency, equality and clarity of communication.  We are committed to generating structures that reflect those values which serve the needs of children and families and provide them with Theraplay experiences that are provided in an ethical, sustainable and professional manner.


Fiona Peacock and Vivien Norris, Co-directors, 2021