Level One Training

Level One Theraplay & Marschak Interaction Method 

Level One Theraplay & MIM is a four-day training designed to teach the basics for participants to begin using Theraplay techniques in their work with existing and new clients. Clinicians who work with traumatized children, children with severe attachment issues, or very complicated family situations should plan on taking additional training or receiving supervision before using Theraplay with these clients. Beginners should use Theraplay techniques first with less complicated cases.

Note: Occasionally other trainings such as Group Theraplay are offered in conjunction with this training.

26 CE hoursunnamed (4)

Learning Objectives for Level One Theraplay & MIM:

  • Administer the MIM and analyze it at a beginning level
  • Conduct feedback sessions with parents based upon the MIM analysis
  • Use the MIM as a guideline for Theraplay treatment planning
  • Observe demonstrations of Theraplay treatment and techniques
  • Practice Theraplay activities in dyads
  • Identify the types of behaviors that require a particular dimension
  • Utilize the four Theraplay dimensions to treat the specific needs of a child
  • Describe how Theraplay is applied to meet the needs of children with behavior problems, foster and adopted children, children with ASD, and older children
  • Describe how to guide parents to participate in a Theraplay treatment session

Special Features of this training:

  • Using video, we feature demonstration of treatment of a real client family including the MIM assessment, feedback to the parents and several Theraplay sessions
  • Attendance is limited to no more than 24 so that you’ll have a chance to get your questions answered
  • We require one trainer for every ten participants to help make the experience as personal and rewarding as possible
  • The training is interactive, intense and practical—you’ll leave with the knowledge and skills to begin using Theraplay in your work
  • It features video of Theraplay treatment with many different clients in addition to the demonstration family
  • The training includes interactive sessions to practice a variety of Theraplay activities
  • The training concludes with the creation of a treatment plan for one of your own clients and a chance to practice it for feedback