Group Theraplay

Group Theraplay 

Group Theraplay training is for professionals who want to use Theraplay in classrooms, day care, residential settings or with family groups.  This training can be taken in conjunction with Level One Theraplay & MIM or as a stand-alone training.  Click here for information about  Group Theraplay from the Theraplay Institute’s website.

Learning Objectives for Group Theraplay:Group

  • How to apply Theraplay principles to group treatment
  • How to plan and structure a Theraplay group
  • How to adapt group Theraplay to different populations
  • How to manage resistance and other problems
  • Describe the steps toward implementing group sessions internally
  • Skill development in how to use group rules and techniques through practice

Special Features of this Training:

  • The training is intensive, interactive and practical
  • It includes the opportunity for each participant to lead a group activity
  • It includes video examples of group work

Who should attend:

  • School counselors and social workers
  • Special education teachers
  • Clinicians who work with groups of children or family group therapy
  • Early childhood specialists