Course Information

Thank you for your interest in  Level 1, 2, or Group Theraplay trainings in the UK.

Training for Individuals 

Theraplay UK ‘open’ training courses are delivered by our Training Partner Organisations listed below – offering individual professionals the opportunity to book a place on a training course.

Please visit our Events page to view a list of all forthcoming ‘open’ Theraplay trainings now open for bookings – follow the links to book directly with the relevant Training Partner Organisation running the training.

Covid Variations. Due to Covid factors see each course for how the training will be delivered. Theraplay UK’s preferred method for training delivery is always in-person, unless Covid restrictions are in place. More details are at the bottom of this page

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Theraplay Training Partners

AdoptionPlus   (Milton Keynes)
The Family Place   (Herefordshire/Worcester/Droitwich)
Inspire-Me Events   (Northamptonshire/Leicestershire)
Jigsaw Psychology (Derby) (email:

Training for Organisations

Looking to facilitate a training for a group of your staff within your own organisation?

Theraplay UK is able to deliver Level 1, 2, or Group Theraplay trainings for a team of staff at your own location or training venue. Please contact us for more information.

Information on hybrid and online trainings – offered if Covid-19 Restrictions are in place

All Theraplay trainings for 2022 are being offered as ‘in-person’ training courses. This is the preferred method for course delivery in the UK, due to the nature of Theraplay.

In-person trainings are 4 days for Level 1, 5 Days for Level 1 with Group Theraplay,  2 Days for Group Theraplay as a standalone course, and 3 Days for Level 2.

All current planned trainings for 2022 will indicate the intended mode of delivery will be in-person. In these cases Theraplay UK training partners will monitor local and national guidelines to determine whether this will be possible. Training Partners will then make the decision whether to continue as a hybrid training or reschedule and prospective participants will be contacted directly by them.

If, due to Covid-19 restrictions, trainings cannot be run in-person, they can be offered in a variety of formats depending on local or national risk assessments and guidance that Training Partners will adhere to. These are:

Hybrid trainings for Level 1. The first part of these courses (4 short days) are delivered online with a follow-up in-person full-day, once government legislation allows.

Hybrid trainings for Level 1 plus Group. The first part of these courses (4 short days) are delivered online with two follow-up in-person full days, once government legislation allows.

Hybrid trainings for Group Theraplay. Day 1 is delivered as a full-day online and Day 2 is delivered as a full day in-person, once government legislation allows.

Online trainings for Level 2. These 3 day trainings work well within an online environment because of the amount of shared video supervision that occurs.