Best Practice Requirements for the UK

Best Practice Guidelines

All people in the Practicum or holding a Level 1, 2 or Group certificate in Theraplay® are required to review and follow the best practice guidelines below.

It covers the areas described below.

Click here for the 2018 UK Best Practice Agreement

Using the Theraplay® service mark in the UK

Theraplay® is a registered service-mark in the UK and thus there are restrictions and requirements on how to refer to your Theraplay work.  Read the Theraplay Service Mark Guidelines  for full details.

How you are allowed to describe the Theraplay you use in your wider work

How you can describe your work depends on your level of training and certification.

After completing Level 1 or Level 2

You must describe your work as ‘based on Theraplay® principles’ and you should describe your assessments as ‘based on the Marschak Interaction Method (MIM)’.

You cannot say that you are ‘doing Theraplay’, or describe yourself as a ‘Level 1/Level 2 Theraplay practitioner/therapist’. 

In the Practicum

When you complete the Foundational or Intermediate level, you can describe your work as ‘Theraplay® Informed Practice’.

Only when you complete all three levels of the practicum, can you refer to yourself as a ‘Certified Theraplay® Practitioner’, describe your work as ‘Theraplay®’ and say that you are ‘carrying out a MIM assessment’.

For a description of the Theraplay certification programme (the Practicum), click here

The Theraplay® Institute cannot assume responsibility for the quality of your work.  Attending training in and of itself does not bestow any status or endorsement to your work.  If you are not an accredited professional, you must always have a regular supervisor and cannot use Theraplay principles in an independent setting.

Having appropriate supervision, complaints procedures and professional indemnity

You will either do this through your professional body (such as the BACP) and insurance schemes, or your employer is required to accept these responsibilities for you to use your Theraplay training.

Click Training Eligibility and Declaration Form to see a copy of the form that you signed upon completion of your training.

Registering with the Theraplay Institute

All certificate holders must register with The Theraplay® Institute each January to attest that their qualifications and status are in good standing. More information about this will be sent to you later in the year.