These courses will give you new skills that will enhance your practice in your current work role with children and families.

If you work in a school, please consider whether Level 1(which is mainly about working on the parent/child relationship) or the 2 day Group Theraplay® is the most suitable training for your context. To determine which training is most suitable for your work situation, see Certification and Qualifications 

The Level 1, Level 2 and Group Theraplay® trainings are part of the Theraplay® certification programme which consists of completing of a 3 stage supervision practicum.  All people working with children and families can join the practicum and progress to become a Foundational Theraplay® Practitioner.  They can then call what they do ‘Theraplay® Informed Practice’.  Those with an accredited professional qualification can progress through all 3 stages to become a Certified Theraplay® Practitioner. Only Certified Theraplay® Practitioners can describe their work as ‘Theraplay®’. For information about the Theraplay® certification programme, CLICK HERE

To ensure that the course you are considering meets your training needs, please refer to the Best Practice Requirements UK page which includes information about the use of the Theraplay® service mark. You will be asked to agree to these requirements in order to receive your completion letter at the end of these courses.

If you require further advice before registering, please contact: Mandy Jones, Programme Director at The Theraplay® Institute [email protected]

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For more information about training events contact the Theraplay UK Administrator at [email protected]

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