Training Events

Thank you for your interest in Theraplay trainings in the UK. Updated ones are now being added to our online calendar below.

Due to Covid-19, trainings are being offered in a variety of formats depending on local or national risk assessments and guidance that training partners will adhere to. These are:
Hybrid trainings for Level 1. The first part of these courses ( 4 short days) are delivered online with a follow-up in-person day.
Online trainings for Level 2. These 2 day trainings work well within an online environment because of the amount of shared video supervision that occurs.
In-person trainings for ( 4 day) Level 1 and (the (2 day) Group. Some entries may indicate the intended mode of delivery will be in-person. In these cases Theraplay UK training partners will monitor local and national guidelines to determine whether this will be possible. Training partners will then make the decision whether to continue as a hybrid training or reschedule and prospective participants will be contacted directly by them.


25 – 27 November 2020
Dyadic Theraplay Level 2
Family Futures CIC
The entire training will be online
For more details,


7 – 10 December 2020
Dyadic Theraplay Level 1 and Group Theraplay
Family Futures CIC
Hybrid: online and Islington, London. For additional in-person days, see partner details


8 – 11 March 2021
Dyadic Theraplay® Level 1 and MIM
The Family Place
Hay-on-Wye, Monmouthshire
This is currently planned as an in-person training. or from [email protected]


For more information on up-and-coming trainings from Theraplay UK training partners, you may wish to visit the following websites: