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Theraplay®: Helping Parents and Children Build Better Relationships Through Attachment-Based Play

Phyllis B. Booth
Anne M. Jernberg

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Theraplay® Activities Flip Book

Detailed instructions for over 80 Theraplay activities, color coded by the four Theraplay dimensions (Structure, Engagement, Nurture, Challenge). Great for planning treatment sessions and for parents.

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Theraplay® Group Activities Flip Book

Instructions for 85 Theraplay play group games to quickly and easily guide you through planning play group sessions. 

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Parenting the Theraplay® Way: 214 Engaging, Fun Activities to Create Joyful Connectedness

Learn how to incorporate playful interaction into your daily life and become physically and emotionally closer to your children. Includes games to be played one-on-one and as a family, as well as games you can play while waiting, in the car, while you are away, or saying “goodbye”.

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What is Theraplay® ? DVD

In just under ten minutes, this video provides a brief history and overview of Theraplay®, from its beginnings in Chicago’s Head Start in the 1960’s to the internationally practiced and respected treatment modality of today. The footage was originally shot for the video, Playful Interaction, produced by the Texas Christian University’s Institute of Child Development.

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