The Theraplay® Institute recognizes the challenges that COVID-19 has created for the global therapeutic community. At this time, TTI is offering a variety of training opportunities, from mostly virtual, to partially virtual, to entirely in-person. Due to the experiential nature of Theraplay treatment, TTI is not offering entirely virtual Theraplay training. TTI recommends that practitioners consult their local community health and WHO guidelines when deciding which training to attend. This same recommendation applies to whether practitioners should provide services via telehealth or transition to in-person therapy.

The past two years have disrupted our sense of human connection – and we’re not quite on the other side of things yet. No matter how our ‘normal’ unfolds for each of us, we have not lost that collective need for connection. Theraplay helps children and families to build their cohesive strength and resiliency to weather challenges with experiences of security, regulation, and connection.

Theraplay will be there on the other side. While we’re all about building strong relationships – we’re also about restoring them. Theraplay helps to repair relationships.

TTI remains committed to doing our best to support the needs of our community. Thank you for continuing to contribute to building a better world.

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1B9A3718“I have been waiting for this training to come back to Australia as I am keen to incorporate into attachment work”

“Great experiential method mixed with theory”

“It opened my eyes to situations being improved that I thought I couldn’t help with”


“Dan Hughes endorsed Theraplay at DDP training and other trainees spoke highly of it”Cassie Dani Hand Stack (2)

“I loved the focus on the attachment relationship and the model of involving parent in a direct way”

“As a psychiatrist myself I strongly recommend funding on a sustainable basis for Theraplay to reduce mental health problems in young people from becoming entrenched after trauma (e.g. family violence)”