Supervision & Certification

It is said that learning starts with supervision.  Participants in our supervision practicum receive top-quality professional feedback to apply their book learning and classroom training to real life clients.  Theraplay supervision will develop your skills and build your confidence to deal with your most difficult cases.  It will help you feel more comfortable working with parents and with the types of clients that may not have responded to the treatment approaches you have previously used.

Your new Theraplay skills and web directory listing can help build your reputation and your practice as well as provide the best treatment services to your clients. Please see our service mark guidelines.


I have been in Theraplay Foundation Training for a few months now and am part of a four person Cohort for group supervision.

It’s a great experience. As Kate is our supervisor, together with my fellow trainees, all I can say is ‘Wow!’ There is a combined experience of over 100 years of working with children and their families. We listen and observe each other’s work, provide input, questioning and feedback and I am gaining an enormous amount of support through this process. I also gain greater clarity and confirmation of the ‘how to’ implement the Theraplay model of working with vulnerable, at-risk children and their parent, grandparent or carer.

This training process has been made so much easier because of Kate, our Supervisor and her close proximity and availability to us in our Cohort. I am also enthused and supported to continue my Training and working as a Theraplay Practitioner.

-Children’s Support Worker Integrated Family Violence Team

Participating in the Theraplay supervision cohort in Broadford, Australia, has been a valuable learning experience.  The cohort  ticks all the boxes in terms of the Theraplay Dimensions, so it feels safe yet challenging, and absolutely congruent with the work.   The format and content are engaging, the sessions are effectively structured, there are plenty of challenges, and we all contribute to a nurturing environment by bringing genuinely collegial warmth to the discussions, and yummy treats too!   I highly recommend Kate Lewer as a Theraplay Supervisor, for her enthusiasm, thoughtful insights, and attention to process.   

-Counsellor/ Social Worker